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We are the most current resource for people travelling from the UK to Italy regarding ETIAS – the European Travel Information and Authorisation System. The ETIAS Visa Waiver for Italy will be operational from 2025 onwards and apply to all citizens of non-EU countries that have visa-free status with the EU who wish to visit any country in the Schengen zone.

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Who we are – ETIAS Visa Waiver for Italy

Our website is dedicated to keeping travellers informed on the latest information about the ETIAS Italy scheme as it pertains to travel to Italy from the UK. We aim to be the most trusted source of information regarding ETIAS while the scheme is being finalised before going live in 2025. We provide information regarding the ETIAS Visa Waiver application process and the requirements expected of those applying.

We also advise who will be eligible to apply and the details of ETIAS Visa waiver validity when approval is given. We work to keep travellers up to date on ETIAS modifications and future deadlines that may arise before the scheme becomes operational. We are completely independent with no ties to the EU or any government body.

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ETIAS Visa Waiver for Italy FAQ

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The ETIAS Italy application will be a straightforward electronic procedure that should take less than 20 minutes to complete. A nominal fee will need to be paid with a debit or credit card upon submission of the application form, unless the applicant is under 18 or over 70, in which case there is no cost to apply. The only document required is a valid biometric passport. View our ‘Application’ page to see the details that will need to be provided. As long as there are no outstanding problems with the application, approval should be granted within minutes.

No. ETIAS Visa Waiver will be mandatory from 2025 onwards for all UK citizens visiting Italy and other Schengen zone countries. Until then, ETIAS will not be required or available.

Yes. If you have a criminal record you can apply for ETIAS, however you may be asked to attend an interview. In some cases, depending on the severity of the crime committed, your ETIAS application may be denied.