Privacy Policy


We (hereinafter referred to as ‘company’, ‘we’ etc) are completely committed to following all privacy standards and safeguarding your personal information. This ‘Privacy Policy’ informs the user (hereinafter to be referred to as ‘the user’, ‘the customer’ and the like) about how the website uses their personal information and data, as well as other pertinent information.

The given privacy policy may be changed according to the new legislative requirements or other legal conditions, as well as business reasons, among others. All updates, in the event that there are any, will take effect as soon as they are published on the website. As a result, we highly recommend users examine our privacy policy on a frequent basis for any updated information.
Please keep in mind that in order to use our website, you must be of legal age in your home country and possess the legal capacity to enter into transactions under the laws of your place of residence. It is your responsibility to ensure you fulfil this requirement. This privacy policy is neither contractual nor part of our contract, without prejudice to your legal rights.

What do we mean by personal data?

The term ‘personal data’ refers to any information that can be used to identify you. Data such as your contact information, including your first and last name(s), date of birth, birthplace, personal addresses (including email and home residence) IP address, and signatures, are some examples of such information.

How does the present privacy policy apply?

The following privacy policy applies to any personal data that we might collect, use, or process while you are using our website.

Please be aware that our website may contain outgoing links (redirects) to third-party websites that are not under our control. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for the privacy policies of third-party websites or how they handle your personal data and information. We strongly advise you to read the privacy policies of any third-party websites you visit before engaging in any service they may provide.

Personal data that we collect 440

There is some information that we may collect from our customers that is attached to:

  • Direct interactions: the information you voluntarily provide through any of the available channels or to our customer service representatives, including the website chat, post, email address, mobile phone, or the type of data you fill in within any of the forms presented on our website (such as subscription forms, application forms, contact forms, etc).
  • Automated technologies: some of your data, such as your IP address or the length of time spent on specific pages of our website, may be automatically stored by our website. If you require any additional information regarding our website’s cookies, please see our Cookie policy.

Please keep in mind that we only need your personal data or associated information for the specific purposes stated in the text below. If you choose to supply any additional information not requested on the website, you consent to the processing of that information for the purposes that you chose to provide it.

We expect that our users supply complete, accurate and up-to-date information about their personal information so that we can successfully execute the services we offer on our website, whether it’s a newsletter subscription form or any other type of application. Furthermore, we disclaim all liability in the event that clients give false or fraudulent information.

If you are filling out forms on behalf of minors or adults other than yourself, please ensure that you have prior and express permission from them to handle and communicate their personal data to us. Keep in mind that you must be the legal guardian or parent of the minor you are representing.

Considering the terms presented above, please kindly consider:

  • If we receive a request or personal information about an adult person from another individual without the referenced person’s consent, we may notify the owner of the personal data about the communication. We will not proceed with the application or subscription, or any other services offered on our website, if the referenced person objects to the application/form/provision of his or her personal information.
  • If we receive a request or personal information about a minor from another person without first obtaining the minor’s consent, we may notify the minor’s legal guardian or parent. We will not proceed with the application/subscription or any other services offered on our website if the legal guardian or parent objects to the application/form/provision of the minor’s personal information.

How is your personal data used?

Your personal data may be used in a number of different ways, which may include the following:

  • To provide you with the latest information regarding the ETIAS scheme and any associated news in our newsletter. In such circumstances, we will contact you using the personal information you provided on the subscription form.
  • To respond to any queries you may have via the available communication channels, such as website chat, email or post. Again, the personal information you have provided on the subscription form will be used for these purposes.
  • To improve your online experience and to use your behavioural information (such as navigation, time spent on the website, and bounce rates) to improve the website interface and/or the services that we offer to you.
  • To conduct routine checks for fraudulent, inauthentic and unlawful activity that we may detect on or through our website.

Legal basis for processing your data

The purposes for which we may save your personal data is fully compliant with our legal obligations, and the manner in which we process your personal data also fully complies with all legal requirements. In most situations, the following will be the legal basis for processing your personal data:

  • You have given us your consent to treat your personal data for the purposes stated when your data was acquired – that is, the information requested in writing to our customer service team.
  • To meet our legal duties and/or the requirements of the administrative, judicial, or similar authorities.
  • Our legitimate interests in prospective billing for our services, enhanced user experience when using this website efficiently, improved quality of professional services, and fraud monitoring on our website.

How long does your data stay with us?

We will only use your personal information to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. Following that, we will store your personal data in a secure, password-protected database that will only be accessible in the event of any disputes or legal obligations/claims arising from the provision of services on our website. Your personal information will be permanently destroyed and no longer available inside our information system at the conclusion of this period. Additionally, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data at any time, and your information will be removed from our website and information systems after we receive such a request.

How do we share your personal information?

Personal information you provide to us while viewing or navigating our website may be shared in the following situations:

  • To our technical service provider, who hosts our information system and/or offers us tools and technical support with the management of our website.
  • To comply with our legal duties and/or meet the demands of administrative, judicial, or equivalent authorities.
  • To defend our legitimate interests in the event of a claim related to the professional services provided.

Please be aware that some of the third-party websites to which our website may direct you are located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Your personal data will be exposed to international transmission in this case, and you may be subject to different privacy rules and legislation. To ensure the security of your personal information, as well as your individual rights and freedoms, we strongly recommend that you verify the privacy and cookies policy of any redirected website.

Protection of your personal data

We commit to making every attempt to store any information you enter on our website carefully and securely. The website has up-to-date information systems that are compliant with all of the technological and organisational measures required to protect your privacy and the integrity of any private information you supply while on our site. We provide security against unauthorised and unlawful processing of your personal data in this way.

Furthermore, we ensure that all our employees and staff are fully committed to protecting your data and will not process any of it without your consent or in violation of our privacy policy. They follow the strict criteria that we have in place to ensure the security and integrity of your personal information that you provide when using our website.

We do our best to keep your personal information safe on our website, but we still advise that you take precautions to protect it. Make sure you don’t respond to any bogus communications or websites posing as our partners or looking similar to ours, as we do not take responsibility for their actions.

Exercising your rights

You have the legal right to request access to any information that you may disclose on our website, and to have your personal data rectified or restricted. Should you have any concerns about the privacy policy offered to you, or if you wish to have your personal information removed from our systems, you may submit a written request to us. If you have any specific requests or issues about your privacy, please fill out the form on our contact page.

You can minimise tracking choices by changing the privacy options in your web browser. There are also a variety of ‘Do Not Track’ extensions and programmes available, giving you even more control over which cookies you allow. If you are at all concerned about your privacy and the use of your personal data, we advise you make full use of these functions.

We are here to answer any questions or inquiries you may have and can be reached through our contact form.