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What is digital nomad visa Italy?
A digital nomad visa Italy is a Italy self-employment visa that enables individuals to work remotely in Italy for extended periods. It allows applicants to […]
How ETIAS can help public health
New Health Checks ETIAS was created to allow for non-EU citizens to bring contagious diseases to Europe. Candidates were required to declare whether they have […]


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From the date the ETIAS application is approved, it will be valid for three years. Within those three years, the ETIAS holder may travel into the Schengen zone for a total of 90 days within a 180-period. The passport registered on the ETIAS is not transferrable. If the passport expires or a new passport is issued, then a new application must be submitted.

The electronic ETIAS application will be available online. It will take a short amount of time to fill in – no more than 20 minutes. The information submitted will then be processed, analysed, and checked against various databases. If it is approved, you will be informed almost immediately.

Yes. Citizens of the UK will now need an ETIAS visa waiver to enter the Schengen zone, which includes Italy, as the UK is no longer part of the EU. All UK citizens will be eligible to apply for ETIAS.